Cinderella CTR

Cinderella CTR

Rick Walton Lucy Beatrix / Apr 21, 2021

Cinderella CTR Poor Cinderella Sent to a place where no one even knows what CTR means and forced to do awful chores Her horrible cousins may try to stop her but Cinderella has her eye on the ball the Royal Ball Wi

  • Title: Cinderella CTR
  • Author: Rick Walton Lucy Beatrix
  • ISBN: 1933098244
  • Page: 102
  • Format: Paperback
  • Poor Cinderella Sent to a place where no one even knows what CTR means, and forced to do awful chores Her horrible cousins may try to stop her, but Cinderella has her eye on the ball the Royal Ball With hard work and a few tricks she learned in Young Women s class, she just might make it but will the prince choose the right

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        Born and raised in Utah, Walton is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints, the Mormon Church He served as a missionary to Brazil from 1976 to 1978, soon after he graduated from high school Later, at Brigham Young University, he became president of the Brazil Club In 1980, he graduated from Brigham Young with a bachelor s degree in Spanish and a minor in Portuguese, the language spoken in Brazil.Walton s education continued after he obtained his degree In 1980, he went back to Brigham Young for one semester of graduate work in business, but chose not to follow that career path Deciding to become a teacher, he earned certification in elementary education from Brigham Young in 1987, as well as certification to teach gifted and talented students Up to that point, he had held a number of jobs, including a year with the parks and recreation department of Provo, Utah In 1987, he began teaching sixth grade at a local public school, then switched to a private school.Also interested in computers, Walton would later publish several items of software He left teaching to accept a position as software designer for IBM in 1989 In 1994, he turned to freelance software design and writing He also returned to Brigham Young University once again, this time to earn his master s degree in English, with an emphasis on creative writing.Walton s wife, Ann, with whom he has written many of his books, is a computer programmer They were married in 1983, and have five children With Dumb Clucks and Something s Fishy in 1987, the Waltons began writing books.


    1. There is an entire star in that rating just from the laughter. Please someone else tell me they got the humor of the names of the stepmother and stepsisters! This is the cheesiest, tongue-in-cheek LDS Cinderella tale that works because of the tongue-in-cheek. I don't think younger kids will get the humor with the truths sprinkled in, but older kids, teens, and adults will smile to see the lessons they learned in Primary and YM/YW abounding. I'm glad the staff have been passing this one around--a [...]

    2. I just simply did not like this book. I think I appreciate the idea: teach young girls about how they should act in real life by telling them through a fairy tale, but I just don't think it works out very well.1) Cinderella is such a common story that if any girl or boy grows up thinking that this is the real version they'll be laughed at.2) It seems obvious to an adult reader that the fairy tale archetype does not function well when adapted to LDS culture; it seems "cheesy." Also, saying that s [...]

    3. I loved this book because of how realistic it felt. It had the fairy-tale of Cinderella but the clever mix of gospel principles helped it become a new and fresh taste on the story of Cinderella. It is a feel-good book that made me laugh at points. One of my favorites was the prince asking her to marry him and her refusal at first because she just met him. I loved this!! Cinderella is a great story except for the fact that she marries a stranger. It was fun to see it from a perspective that young [...]

    4. This book was absolutely ridiculous! I did not like or enjoy this in the least bit. The only good part about it was that the artwork. I felt like it took cheesy to a whole new level. I am a LDS member and I am embarrassed to even have this book associated with the church because it was that bubble-headed. The book, in my opinion, does not even deserve one star. Call me harsh, it is just how I feel.

    5. A very cute take on the Cinderella story from an LDS point of view. Keeps to the "plot line" of Cinderella pretty well with a good twist to show the values of the LDS faith. It is a bit cheesy with the story line, but it is still cute if not taken seriously. A very lighthearted book that teaches some values. The artwork is beautiful!

    6. If I could give the author a high five or fist bump, I would!!! I LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Any young girl would enjoy reading this song. It's a Mormon twist on the Cinderella fairy tale. I loved the subtle hint to the Pioneer Children Sang As They Walk and the nod towards Young Women's! I would love to divulge what this book is all about, but you need to go find out for yourself!

    7. The title of this book caught my attention when I was in the children's section of the library with my little grandson Aiden. I sat right down with it to read it. It is for LDS children/families and I absolutely loved it!! What a clever little twist on a Cinderella story! I would never find a book like this in my local library in California. Purely delightful!!

    8. This was an okay book. This was about a girl named Cinderella and she wore a ring cTr ring, and her parents died. She was left with her step-mom and step-sister. she wanted to go to the ball which she was denied. she then went anyway, danced with the prince, he asked about the ring. later, when she left, he wanted her. they eventually found each other and then, they got married.

    9. This was such a funny story. Anyone who's LDS will get this one and love it. I brought it home for my teenage girls to read and they laughed out loud. Very cleverly written and definitely one to keep.

    10. I picked up this book because of the title. I liked it because it made me laugh. I thought the author was clever in his retelling of the story with an LDS point of view. I don't know how well it would go with a general audience.

    11. I don't usually rate children's books but this caught my eye at Seagul Book. I read it and bought it for my girls. An LDS fairy tale. My favorite part is when she tells the prince that she won't marry him. I like the lessons it teaches, instead of the immediate happily ever after.

    12. This is a hilarious LDS version of the classic tale. Rick Walton is so witty and you can't help laughing out loud at some of the familiar phrases from our culture applied here.

    13. Very cute--and I loved the way that she held on to her values! That being said, I would have enjoyed this book more if I were about 6.

    14. I'm a little bit surprised that Cinderella was concerned that they had just met. That doesn't sound like a BYU romance to me

    15. Rick Walton's satire is hilarious. Very funny LDS version of the classic fairy tale with a few modern twists. Every Young Women's leader needs a copy of this Mormon parody.

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