Full Exposure

Full Exposure

Amy Jo Cousins / May 13, 2021

Full Exposure There s than one way to be a rock starEvan Pak is a card carrying geek he even has the job to prove it but when his photographer brother invites him to tag along on a photo shoot with rock star Rile

  • Title: Full Exposure
  • Author: Amy Jo Cousins
  • ISBN: 9781311714329
  • Page: 199
  • Format: ebook
  • There s than one way to be a rock starEvan Pak is a card carrying geek he even has the job to prove it , but when his photographer brother invites him to tag along on a photo shoot with rock star Riley Flood, he figures it will be two days of ogling and eye rolling and nothing But the reckless bad boy is nothing like he expected, and Evan is mesmerized by thThere s than one way to be a rock starEvan Pak is a card carrying geek he even has the job to prove it , but when his photographer brother invites him to tag along on a photo shoot with rock star Riley Flood, he figures it will be two days of ogling and eye rolling and nothing But the reckless bad boy is nothing like he expected, and Evan is mesmerized by the mix of cocky and sweet he sees in Riley When a spontaneous idea ends with Evan stripping down under the hot lights for an intimate portrait for Riley s next album cover, Evan is absolutely sure their connection won t end when the lights are turned off Especially since Riley can t seem to keep his hands off the tattoos Evan hides under his clothes.Even a spoiled rock star wants to give up control sometimes, if only for a weekend The world is full of people who want things from Riley and the demands on him never stop Evan knows exactly how to turn off the noise in Riley s head and it starts by putting him on his knees.Together, they will push each other higher and farther than either one of them have ever gone before It s easy to take risks when there s a time limit on the game But when their time is up, what comes next if they don t want the game to end

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        To get updates on Amy Jo s new releases, sign up for her newsletter at eepurl YdVW1.Amy Jo Cousins lives in Chicago, where she writes contemporary romance, tweets than she ought, and sometimes runs way too far She loves her boy and the Cubs, who taught her that being awesome doesn t necessarily have anything to do with winning.


    1. One picture, one weekend, one chance.Riley's fragility hidden beneath unfurls like a butterfly escaping from a chrysalis--tentative and slowly. For all Evan's snark, he's dependable and solid. He's grounded in ways Riley covets. Like all the pictures, this weekend is a frozen moment of time because how could it ever be more. The resolution is seamless as the short story wraps up, but this is a lovely diversion with two charming characters. Overall, an emotional pop rocker metamorphosis. Favorite [...]

    2. ~4.25~This isn't a prompt that grabbed my attention. Suffering rock star stories are a dime a dozen, after all. Trust Amy Jo to follow the prompt to a T and yet transform the story into something true and intense. When computer geek Evan travels with his photographer brother to a photoshoot, the last thing he expects is to fall for the wild, unpredictable Riley. Evan's there for an adventure; he wants to tell stories of the spoiled rock star's outrageous behavior at his local bar. But Riley's no [...]

    3. Amy Jo Cousins, how do I love thee? Let me count the mothertrucking ways. 1 - You killed it with your choice of cover. 2 - You took a very common trope (rock star meets ordinary Joe) but made it seem, for once, believable.3 - You wrote about diverse characters without even coming close to writing them in a stereotypical way. 4 - Your writing, as always, was sublime. “What would you pay me to do to you, Riley Flood?” He whispers the words against that mouth, feels Riley’s lips open to speak [...]

    4. Amy Jo Cousins, welcome to my neighborhood.*pats sofa cushions*Come. Sit a spell. Whisper more of your delightful words in my ear.And this story is delightful. Cousins allows Riley and Evan's relationship to bloom and grow into a palpable thing of beauty right before our eyes.They meet on a photo shoot and ooze chemistry. It is a foregone conclusion that they will spend the weekend together. We're given glimpses of that weekend. Each window gives kernals of truths about each of these characters. [...]

    5. DNF at 60%This did absolutely nothing for me. I’ve enjoyed Amy Jo Cousins’ writing in other books, but this was such a jumbled mess, I couldn’t get used to it.I mean, why is “I don’t want to be in my own head anymore.” code for, I want to bottom? I just don’t get it.And the sex scene I read was at first detailed and all of a sudden we got:He lays Riley on it, facedown, and fucks him like he doesn’t matter. Tells him with hands and mouth and words how very much he does.Good way to [...]

    6. Thanks to the author for participating and offering this freebieRE-READStill love these characters, a hot, cute story, but still wish it was a full book!-- --I loved the characters; mercurial, vulnerable, rock-star Riley and pov character (third person) Evan who is a sassy, tattooed, Korean, computer nerd. Riley strips away the make-up to show the likeable man beneath the hype and Evan forgets about novelty to see something special. Their chemistry was instant and intense. There were hot sexy-ti [...]

    7. Evan Pak meets Riley Flood in one of those meet-cute/one-off chance situation. Evan is helping his older brother Tommy in a photo-shoot for Riley's newest cover album. Immediately, I fell for Evan's narrative voice. I always love snarky-rambling-when-nervous characters, and Evan fits that to a "T". I wasn't really sure of Riley at first though -- since the story was written solely from Evan's perspective, Riley came as a bit mysterious, a bit arrogant, and totally unpredictable, even until the v [...]

    8. Huh. This one didn’t really work for me. Couldn’t connect with the writing. I’m going to put it down to my-previous-read-was-so-good-that-any-book-that-followed-it-didn’t-stand-a-chance. But also: I didn’t understand Evan’s ‘I want to have an adventure so I can have a good story to tell later’. Why not have an adventure for his own experience and for the memories to cherish later? So with this early on I remained skeptical about Even through the rest of the story. Riley I liked b [...]

    9. Extremely well done story for the Love is an Open Road event. At first I was imagining that Riley was a mix between Jared Leto and Justin Beiber (I KNOW! :cringe:) but he became his own "person" as I read further on. I also liked that the author made Evan Asian without descending into any of the usual stereotypes. Very nicely done. I've only read one book and one other short story by AJC so I think now I'll have to check her other M/M books, since she really impressed me with this one.

    10. 3.5, rounded upLoved the beginning, not so happy about the separation part or the quick wrap up :(Side notes:Liked the element of D/s, but it seemed to come out of nowhere. Some early hints would have been a nice tease, the later action a reward for the wait.I really wanted to see reactions of people when the album cover was revealed, especially people Evan knew.

    11. Full Exposure is up at and some of the other vendors, although a couple of vendors are still processing. While I wait for to price match it to free (don't pay for it! it won't be at 99 cents for long, I hope!), any royalties earned will be donated to The Crib at the Night Ministry in Chicago, a youth homeless shelter whose population is about 80% LGBTQ.Thank you Armi for the terrific prompt that sparked the idea for this story! I very much enjoyed writing about Riley and Evan. :)

    12. As shorts go, this was practically perfect.The build up, I know that we all know what is going to happen, but man it was great, the build up was superb, really beautifully paced.I loved the characters, I have read many, many books where the writers have struggled to get this much emotion and honesty into 200 pages, let alone 80, and for me this is where AJC excels.I know this is a novella, but the bloody ending was too swift, and yes, I know I'm ungrateful

    13. A photoshoot turns into a sexed up weekend between rockstar Riley and "coffee boy" Evan. Then months of texts and then nothing, until Evan gets his head out of his ass and begs for another chance.I liked the exploration of insecurities here, how the author gave both men their own set of those, and how the one who seemed larger than life really isn't, and the one on the sidelines is actually the one who sees beyond the facade of the rock star. Both of them showed vulnerability, and both of them s [...]

    14. 3.5 StarsSuper cute. I think a LITTLE hamstrung by the length - the transition from mid-story to end about 80% in was a little too abrupt, and could have used a bit more fleshing out - but this is relatively common with don't read in the closet novellas, and this wasn't an egregious example. Had two likeable protags,and made what is always an inherently ridiculous premise - rock star & regular person get together - feel real and sweet.Also, Evan. Geeky cute Korean dude with secret badass tat [...]

    15. I swear I had already marked this as read as well as reviewed itrange!Any way, I liked it. I really wish it was longer as I enjoyed reading about both characters!

    16. Labelled as NSFW, although I think it's fine (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)]Offered for FREE from the M/M Romance Group's Love Is An Open Road event. Thank you too all the amazing authors who participated!I really enjoyed this, and Ms Cousins went through a full story arc in 60ish pages. That's impressive. The first half is fun and a little flirty, it's hard to tell how things will play out. Then I loved seeing the other sides of Riley in their weekend together. I wasn't ecstatic with the choice [...]

    17. I've not read many 'Don't Read in the Closet' stories, so I wasn't sure what to expect. Plus, if I'm honest, I tend to avoid books less than 100 pages long. That's kind of my random,' I consider this worth my time' length. But AJC posted a teaser of this somewhere and it did its job. It made me want the rest of the story. I'm glad of that because I really quite enjoyed it.I love that it broke so many stereotypes. The rockstar who wasn't an alpha-Ahole, the sexually versatile Korean MC, the geek [...]

    18. The photography session was erotic, so was the first time together. I'd even say this was the best photography I've read (and I'm drawn to photography romances, I even have a shelf for them). But there were things I didn't like. The whole writing style. The bear skin rug, and Riley not even feeling bad for the bear! When he could have had an influence on the hotel's policy on rugs, if he had bothered!The ending was emotional, which I like, but it was also too theatrical which I don't like.My fav [...]

    19. I enjoyed this so much! It's very different from Amu Jo Cousins' Bend or Break series which I love but it's totally engaging in a tender, softer, understated way. A refreshing out-of-the-box take on rockstar romance and as diverse (ethnically this time) as this author's books usually are. One of the best stories in the DRitC event this year for me!

    20. 3.5Liked it. Loved Riley, the rock star. Wanted to hug him, really. Evan, the dork (but not really), deserved a serious wake-up call toward the end of the book. Another great way to spend an hour.

    21. 2.5 starsThe first chapter was very promising with the sexy photo shoot and all that delicious tension building up. But the change in tense in the second chapter really threw me off and unfortunately it took me out of the story. I was glad it switched back, but by then it was already nearing the end of the book and I had a little trouble feeling invested in the characters. I thought their little dates and outings in the middle chapter were really sweet but then the ending seemed to be rushed, co [...]

    22. Definitely my favourite work of Amy Jo Cousins. It's full of tension, emotions and interesting three-dimensional characters who are not specifically designed to be liked, but you still root for them. This story was about people, first and foremost, and it will work even if you don't like musicians (especially spoiled musicians) theme. I loved the way Evan acted and thought around Riley - not unbelievably nonchalant, but not annoyingly melting in a puddle either.The ending grabs you right by your [...]

    23. The author did a good job bringing this prompt to life. I enjoyed the characters and the chemistry between the MC's. I had too many image disputes in my head between the photo in the prompt, the characters in the book and the photo on the cover. I felt the story was good but needed just a little more teasing out of the timeline. Overall good job!

    24. Didn't love this oneI found Evan to be a bit of a jerk. He was always making rude comments to Riley. If found him too distant.

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