Los Nefilim

Los Nefilim

T. Frohock / May 07, 2021

Los Nefilim Three brilliant novellas One fantastic story Collected together for the first time T Frohock s three novellas In Midnight s Silence Without Light or Guide and The Second Death brings to life the wo

  • Title: Los Nefilim
  • Author: T. Frohock
  • ISBN: 9780062428967
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • Three brilliant novellas One fantastic story.Collected together for the first time, T Frohock s three novellas In Midnight s Silence, Without Light or Guide, and The Second Death brings to life the world of Los Nefilim, Spanish Nephilim that possess the power to harness music and light in the supernatural war between the angels and daimons In 1931, Los Nefilim s existenThree brilliant novellas One fantastic story.Collected together for the first time, T Frohock s three novellas In Midnight s Silence, Without Light or Guide, and The Second Death brings to life the world of Los Nefilim, Spanish Nephilim that possess the power to harness music and light in the supernatural war between the angels and daimons In 1931, Los Nefilim s existence is shaken by the preternatural forces commanding them and a half breed caught in between.Diago Alvarez, a singular being of daimonic and angelic descent, is pulled into the ranks of Los Nefilim in order to protect his newly found son As an angelic war brews in the numinous realms, and Spain marches closer to civil war, the destiny of two worlds hangs on Diago s actions Yet it is the combined fates of his lover, Miquel, and his young son, Rafael, that weighs most heavily on his soul.Lyrical and magical, Los Nefilim explores whether moving towards the light is necessarily the right move, and what it means to live amongst the shadows.

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        T Frohock has turned her love of dark fantasy and horror into tales of deliciously creepy fiction She is the author of Miserere An Autumn Tale, a dark fantasy, along with the Los Nefilim series from Harper Voyager.T has long been accused of telling stories, which is a southern colloquialism for lying.


    1. RIGHT NOW is a phenomenal time to be a fan of speculative fiction. Seriously: there’s an insane amount of amazing SFF writers in today’s market, and the modern fantasy reader is spoilt for choice with a selection that would leave Mr. Norrell gobsmacked and which would - if it were all edible - satisfy even Dudley ‘Big D’ Dursley.But it’s sadly inevitable (inedible, too – sorry Dudders) that for every Mark Lawrence or Robin Hobb there are a thousand other writers striving to make a na [...]

    2. Los Nefilim is a collection of three novellas, though the story reads so well it combines almost seamlessly into a novel. Frohock has produced a masterwork here, weaving a tale of the offspring of angels and daimons and their struggle in the human realm. The story is set in 1930's Spain and Frohock draws the reader in with ease as the protagonist struggles with his unique heritage of both angel and daimon along with a personal upheaval within his relationship with his partner. Her worldbuilding [...]

    3. This is a well written and exciting series of novellas. While it is mostly adventure, there is a gay romance theme that runs through it. I don't normally care for any kind of m/m, but I loved how there was more character building and relationship than rolling around in bed. It's truly refreshing.

    4. 3 stars for the beginning, 5 stars for the end and 4 stars for the middle.I had a hard time getting into this one. It started with a slow pace and felt like not much was happening. Also the timeframe and setting took me a while to settle into.Once I found my way into the story, I was sucked into the world of the Nefilim and needed to know what happens next.For my personal taste there was a bit much of a focus on emotions, feelings and bonds between family and friends - but that is purely due to [...]

    5. I'm not usually a fan of a story that feels as though it brings you in right in the middle of itself. I'm a bit anal that way. I like a tidy beginning, a middle and an end. I wasn't always like this, mind, but as I got older I got a bit more hidebound.Sometimes, though, you run into a story that blows right past all the stupid barriers that you put up, that determine what you like and what you don't. Los Nefilim was that story for me. I picked it up because I'm intrigued by the idea of Nefilim. [...]

    6. Need more reviews to convince you? Take a look at the reviews for In Midnight's Silence, which makes up the first third of the book.Los Nefilim is the print/combo edition of T. Frohock’s three novellas. I like being able to physically grip something where possible, so I was a holdout for the print edition. The novellas all function as standalone stories, but combined in a book, each flows into the next.The writing quality’s improved by leaps and bounds since Miserere, but the themes of the d [...]

    7. 9/10Reviewed all three Los Nefilim novellas for Fantasy-Faction: fantasy-faction/2016/hidde(10 = incredible, one of the best books I've ever read; 9 = read this book next; 8 = very good, you should read this pretty soon; 7 = one to add to your TBR. With so many books to choose from, I don't anticipate reviewing anything for FF that goes lower than a 7!)

    8. Beautiful. Heartbreaking and heartfelt in the best ways. Awesome supernatural action and excellent pacing make these three novellas read like a novel in three parts. Can't wait to read the next thing by T.

    9. Los Nefilim is the series title for three linked and chronologically sequential novellas by my friend and fellow author, Teresa Frohock. The three individual titles are: In Midnight’s SilenceWithout Light or Guide The Second DeathI am not quite sure how to tag this series in genre terms. In many ways it’s paranormal urban fantasy, except the urban environment is Barcelona and the year is 1931, on the eve of the Spanish Civil War. So in that sense it’s historical fantasy, where Spain’s de [...]

    10. I loved the suave and sleepy feel of the setting in these stories, serving as a backdrop to tense action. I hope I get to read more in this world!

    11. This is the omnibus edition of three novellas that form a single continuous story: “In Midnight’s Silence,” “Without Light or Guide,” and “The Second Death.” I’ve already provided individual reviews for each, and I gave all of them a five-star rating. I see no need for another general review, as the original ones should suffice, and unlike the premise of “The Second Death” I want to avoid overkill, other than to mention that I liked the series well enough to repurchase it in [...]

    12. This collection of 3 novellas work together as a complete novel. It starts slowly, but it was worth the work to get into it. Frohock does a masterful job with feelings of guilt, betrayal, and redemption all at a high tension break-neck pace. I can only hope there will be more stories with these characters.

    13. I read Teresa Frohock's debut novel and was looking forward to anything else that appeared by her. This book, while perfectly fine, didn't rise to the level of imagination that her first one did.Diago and Miguel are lovers in Spain just before the Spanish Civil War. They are Nefilim, children of either an angel or demon and a human. This gives them some supernatural powers, mostly related to music. This also means that the heavenly wars between angels and demons draw them in as foot soldiers. Th [...]

    14. T. Frohock's writing is resonant and evocative, immersing you in the magical world she's created before you reach the end of page one. A stunning read--the stories in Los Nefilim will both satisfy, and make you wish they went on.

    15. I sometimes find it hard to review a friend's book. So let me just say wow. This was really, really good. Angels and demons, historical fantasy--what more could I want?

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