The Prophet of Akhran

The Prophet of Akhran

Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman / May 07, 2021

The Prophet of Akhran The Great War of the Gods means nothing to the proud people on the mortal planet until Akhran the Wandering God decrees the union of two mighty feuding clans Though the families are fierce Warriors t

  • Title: The Prophet of Akhran
  • Author: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780553281439
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Great War of the Gods means nothing to the proud people on the mortal planet until Akhran the Wandering God decrees the union of two mighty feuding clans Though the families are fierce Warriors, they are few in number Even the marriage of Khardan and Zohra is not enough to over power the strength of the invading army or prevent the imprisonment of their peoples NowThe Great War of the Gods means nothing to the proud people on the mortal planet until Akhran the Wandering God decrees the union of two mighty feuding clans Though the families are fierce Warriors, they are few in number Even the marriage of Khardan and Zohra is not enough to over power the strength of the invading army or prevent the imprisonment of their peoples Now, with Khardan and Zohra mysteriously missing seemingly cowards who hid from certain defeat the two clans have lost all hope of ever again seeing their beloved open skies But Prince Khardan and Princess Zohra, aided by the wizard Matthew, have been given another mission a mission that at first seems less useful than counting the many grains of the desert sands, but soon proves to be of far lasting importance.

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    1. 10/10 for young adults9/10 for adults who are still in touch with their imaginative side.Always thought this 'Arabian' trilogy was the best of Weis and Hickman and seriously underrated. There's much more on offer when compared to the other Weis and Hickman novels, although the Darksword series was also very good. This was a brave fantasy for its time, exploring notions of identity. It is also a wonderfully entertaining adventure

    2. I was so sad when this story ended. I love a good series because you really get to know the characters and see them evolve over time. I feel like this story could have gone on for three more books! I found this trilogy in a secondhand bookstore and didn't realize at the time that I had truly uncovered a treasure. Weis and Hickman are known for their fantasy work but this early trilogy doesn't get credit for the masterful work of storytelling that it is.

    3. The third book in the Rose of the Prophet series, and this is the book that brings it all together and concludes the story begun in The Will of the Wanderer.This book is the rise of the hero, there are some great desperate odds to overcome, emotional journeys continue, and some villains might just get what’s coming to them.Khardan and Zohra continued to delight me, both great strong characters, and Matthew was quite an interesting counterpoint to the both of them. The djinn, and Pukah in parti [...]

    4. I still have the rose of the prophet sitting on my shelf, next to the empire series by fiest and wurst. They've been read and loved many times and were my youthful literary version of girl power!

    5. Me encanta la fantasía, adoro la fantasía épica y soy fan de este libro. Mi película favorita, por daros una referencia, ha sido siempre "La princesa prometida". Y me gustan elfos, enanos, duendes, hadas, kenders, djinns, valerosos guerreros, inútiles paladines y temerosos magos.Y ahora sigo con lo que es el libro.¿Lo mágico del libro?. Su mundo. Ambientado en el desierto. Nómadas, zonas desérticas inmensas, genios, tribus pastoriles. Si tienes imaginación suficiente es hasta cálido. [...]

    6. InThe Prophet of Akhran,everything that has been accumulating in the previous books comes to fruition. If the desert nomads lose the war that looms over them, their tribes will cease to exist. Achmed, Khardan's brother, has forsaken his family and has instead sided with the Amir, whom he sees as a father figure. The djinn must fight against the immensely powerful Kaug, for taking him out would see a major dent in Quar's growing power; however, beating him comes at a price.This book would have ea [...]

    7. A medio camino en lo que a calidad se refiere entre la primera y segunda novelas de la saga, no acaba de hacerle justicia a lo que ésta trilogía podría haber sido.Tiene elementos suficientes como para ser atrayente: su ambientación, diversidad de dioses y de caracteres, batallas, magia, amor, aventuras… y todo tratado con el peculiar sentido el humor que saben imprimir los autores a sus obras.Pero quedan como una obra muy menor dentro de su ya extensa bibliografía. No tiene ni el carisma [...]

    8. When I first began this series in middle school I remember being completely taken in by the first two books, but never got around to reading the third and final book in the series. The Rose of the Prophet series addressed topics such as sexual identity, and religious and cultural distrust in a fantasy setting that I was not yet ready to look at as a young boy, but I was enthralled by the world nonetheless. A fantasy world based on Arabia, it had a flavor of Lawrence of Arabia meets Aladdin. To r [...]

    9. This final book of the Rose of the Prophet trilogy really did it for me. All of the loose ends were wrapped up and the mysteries revealed. While some people seem to think that the ending wasn't satisfactory, I disagree. The book ends with a pretty clear picture of what the future holds for the characters and the resolution of the plot was complete. This was my favorite book of the trilogy because of the fast pace and intense action. While the first two books seemed a bit drawn out and slow due t [...]

    10. The first book in the series that didn't totally irritate me with its writing style. It's still juvenile, but better. The characters were a little more weak and some plot moves had little or no reasons behind them.There were so many things left unsettled, you would think they'd revisit the story.This is not a series to rush out and buy. Buy the series for a buck or two if you come across it and save it for one of those days you just have to read something new and have no money. At best, you'll b [...]

    11. Was a great book right up until the end. it has what I consider to be the WORST ending of any book I've ever read. I've read stories from children that were finished off in a more enjoyable and complete manner. It was like the authors just got sick of the story line and couldn't be bothered finishing it properly. The only way it could of possibly been worse was if it ended with, "and then they woke up and realised it was all a dream".I can't recommend this series to anyone and if I could of give [...]

    12. I probably should not give this a full four stars, but it is a thoroughly enjoyable ending to a pretty original and fun series. While it is undoubtedly pulpy and only the main characters stand out (or in fact are mentioned at all), the ones which do are endearing and interesting. Plenty of action, and a great wrap up to the story. One of Weis and Hickman's better offerings. Perhaps not quite as good as I originally thought when I read it in my early teens, it was still very enjoyable - and I sup [...]

    13. I've read this series so many times that I can't really keep the books straight. See my review of The Will of the Wanderer for a general review of the whole series. Love it.*** As others have pointed out, the book does leave you with a wait what!?! kind of ending. Very little wrap of a lot of loose ends. Still love the series, but I had forgotten how sharp and rushed the wrap up is.

    14. The 3rd, and final (thank god) installment in this trilogy. They make a tidy ending to the story that left me wanting more. The characters in this trilogy could have been so much more, yet this story always came up short. I guess I expected more from the authors of "The Darksword Trilogy", Chronicles and Legends Trilogies, to say nothing of the outstand Deathgate Cycle.An alright story that could have been SO much more.

    15. All in all, I really enjoyed this trilogy. The third book brought home a concept I really love in all stories, which is the idea that good and evil are for the most part just prejudice and perspective. The ending was a little rushed but satisfying in its own way. As with all fantasy-worlds I enjoy, I wish there were more stories from this world, there are enough seeds planted for several books exploring the different ways and cultures. An enjoyable read!

    16. This series is a lot of fun! It reads suspiciously like a chronicling of a D&D campaignbut the characters are enjoyable. These books feel shallower than the other Weiss/Hickman stories I've read -- I didn't get much philosophy or ethics out of Rose of the Prophet. But hey, I once heard that fantasy novels are for entertainment; if you want to send a message use Western Union.

    17. Realmente serían 3'5. Me ha gustado, hay partes geniales y estaba deseando ver como iba a terminar todo lo que había empezado en los libros anteriores pero si hay cosas que me han dejado un poco decepcionada

    18. the history of akhran and how they find the solution to the religious and idological problems they have a great series with strong female role characters

    19. Me gustó y muchoPara más detalles, pasaros por mi blog (La Taberna de Los Vientos). Acabamos de abrir. Sois todos bienvenidos. Habra grog gratis durante el periodo de inauguración.

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