The Mésalliance

The Mésalliance

Stella Riley / May 07, 2021

The M salliance The Duke of Rockliffe is in the market for a wife who will occupy her position with well bred grace and chaperone his younger sister Nell What he does not need therefore is to find himself drawn to

  • Title: The Mésalliance
  • Author: Stella Riley
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 322
  • Format: ebook
  • The Duke of Rockliffe is in the market for a wife who will occupy her position with well bred grace and chaperone his younger sister, Nell What he does not need, therefore, is to find himself drawn to an infuriatingly sharp tongued lady with a clutch of appalling relatives namely, Adeline Kendrick But so it is and the result is what his world calls a mesalliance.The Duke of Rockliffe is in the market for a wife who will occupy her position with well bred grace and chaperone his younger sister, Nell What he does not need, therefore, is to find himself drawn to an infuriatingly sharp tongued lady with a clutch of appalling relatives namely, Adeline Kendrick But so it is and the result is what his world calls a mesalliance.Rockliffe series Book Two

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        Stella Riley trained as a teacher in London and now lives in Kent, England She enjoys amateur dramatics, salsa,belly dancing, reading and travel After a break in her writing career, she has now published her back catalogue or as much of it as she intends to re release as e books The Marigold Chain, The Parfit Knight, The Mesalliance, A Splendid Defiance, The Black Madonna, Garland of Straw and The King s Falcon are available from , Kobo and Barnes Noble.Book 3 of the Rockliffe series The Player is also now available.


    1. Another set of 5 stars for the exceptional and addictive audio ^.^ *************I am extremely thankful and glad that books such asThe Mésalliance, are still being written. There isn't a single thing I wish was different in this book. Such a heart-warming-old-school-historical-romance this turned out to be!Loved the main, secondary and even the villaneous characters.I partially listened to the audiobook on Audible, narrated by Alex Wyndham *swoons* but later switched over to reading a copy of t [...]

    2. Review written June 11, 2016 4 1/2 Stars - Good old fashioned HR quality performed in the most beautiful delicate way imaginedI so very much enjoyed listening to the first audiobook in this series, The Parfit Knight (4.5 stars). Visiting the author Stella Riley's home-page I actually won the just released new second audiobook. The Mésalliance, a second in a series but with a new love couple and easily read as a standalone. Gosh, you can't but be impressed.Once again did I enjoy a fabulous fanta [...]

    3. These books are quite delightful. I read the first one but decided to listen to this one. Had a lot of driving on my trip to Ireland so it kept me company.The Duke of Rockliffe is 36 years old, head of his house, and responsible for his young sister, Nell. He is, therefore, under some pressure to choose a suitable bride. Whilst accompanying Nell to what he speedily comes to regard as the house-party from hell, he meets Adeline Kendrick - acid-tongued, no more than passably good-looking yet someh [...]

    4. I love a good Marriage-of-Convenience story – and this is a very good Marriage-of-Convenience story. In The Mésalliance, we are re-introduced the Duke of Rockliffe, who previously appeared in a supporting role in The Parfit Knight, along with some of the other characters in that story, including Dominic, Marquess of Amberley and his wife Rosalind, Jack Ingram and – of course - Broody, the irascible parrot. I’ve said before that Stella Riley has a real gift for creating wonderfully attract [...]

    5. I've given this an A+ for narration and an A- for content at All About Romance.Originally published in 1990, The Mésalliance is the second book in Stella Riley’s series of Georgian romances, which began with The Parfit Knight and continues with The Player. Substantially revised since first publication, the book is a superb compromised-into-marriage story which sees the suave, sophisticated and unflappable Duke of Rockliffe meeting his match and getting his happy ending; although not without a [...]

    6. Gosh, this was so very good. And misses five stars by half a pip.Let’s face it, Rock is one of the most well-written and intriguing heroes in historical romance. That said, he’s not obvious romantic hero fodder. He’s aloof, effete and sarcastic, sometimes cruel in his mischievousness. Pretty much a stereotypical Georgian aristocrat, but you need a bit more than that. And, boy oh boy, does Riley deliver. She delivers layers. Rock is pulled apart as he falls in love, but remains entirely tru [...]

    7. I adored The Mésalliance, the second in the Rockliffe series, even more than The Parfit Knight, if that's possible. How can Stella Riley keep improving upon perfection? Every book of hers I read, or in this case listen to, enthrals me more.The Duke of Rockliffe, whom we met in The Parfit Knight, is doing his brotherly duty and reluctantly attending a house party with his younger sister, Nell. At this party he makes the acquaintance of Nell's friends, twins Diana and Althea Franklin. He is also [...]

    8. The first half was really good, but the entire second half was driven by misunderstandings and a lack of communication between the protagonists, which is not a trope that I particularly like. So, though I loved Rockcliffe's character (with the exception of his behavior at the end in which he implied he would have sex with his wife with or without her consent *angry face*), this book was only okay for me.

    9. A somewhat disappointing story. Having loved The Parfit Knight, I couldn't wait for Rockliffe's story. Unfortunately, he deserved better than he got. The first half of the book was terrific, but the second half floundered with overplayed tropes and such misguided characters that it became torturous to read. I'm not a fan of blackmail plots, especially when they're not executed very well. I also found once the heroine married Rockliffe, she became a plastic, cardboard, figure whose judgement lack [...]

    10. As with the first book in this series, I was taken back to the times I've read Heyer. This too had the same feel. A story I've read more than once in different version and Riley's version stands up to comparision.Read with Ingela - great company as always

    11. This is second in a series. Characters from the first show up, but they aren't integral to the plot in any way that requires you to know them beyond what's introduced here. So you don't need to read the books in order. I have no idea why you'd want to read this book, though, so there's that.I really, really wanted to like this book because having a new author I like is like striking gold. I'm not sure why I wanted it to be Stella Riley specifically, but my hopes died horrible deaths as the stupi [...]

    12. This is the second book in Stella Riley ‘s Georgian Rockliffe series and the hero, the Duke of Rockliffe (Rock), played a significant secondary role in The Parfit Knight. He was such a fascinating character that I was intrigued to meet the woman who would capture his heart.Handsome, elegant, sophisticated and assured, with a wry sense of humour, Rock is a hero to set any woman’s heart aflutter. He is aware of his duty to marry and provide an heir but has postponed the inevitable, hoping to f [...]

    13. The ONLY thing I don’t like about this book is the fact that there aren’t any more. Oh, my gosh, I think this author writes the best books around this time period (Georgian) since Georgette Heyer. Her turn of phrase and dialogue is just wonderful. How on earth could she tease us with books such as this one and The Parfit Knight and not have written any more. At least Heyer has a backlist of about 30 books to keep me satisfied. This author appears to have written some other books around the E [...]

    14. I almost didn't finish this book. It wasn't very long, but if felt LONG. If the first book had misunderstandings, this one was on crack when it came to them. It started so well, but the second part of the book was so damn hard to read. I wanted to yell at the otp to JUST TALK. Even the second otp was not honest until the end. I don't think I'll be trying any more books by this author. Her type of angst is too trying for me. I have no patience for stupidly and things that could be worked out but [...]

    15. I really did love this one (and Alex Wyndham could read me his grocery list and it would be sexy) but I'm kind of torn. I loved Rockliffe, and very much enjoyed getting to see all of the characters from the first book. I even really enjoyed hating Adeline's evil relatives *and I really hated them* but Adeline ended up somewhat disappointing me. She started off so well. She was in an untenable position, the unwanted relation treated little better than a servant. But she still fought back in what [...]

    16. This story had such great characters. For the first half of the book or so, it was great and showed great potential. Then, the author made a turn onto MISUNDERSTANDING LANE which happened to be a dead end. I can't understand why this particular misunderstanding consumed the entire second half of the book. It became tedious and repetitive. The author could have shortened the book to bring the issue to a head faster or she could have exposed the reason for the misunderstanding and masterfully crea [...]

    17. The writing was EXCELLENT, the characters well-drawn and the plot fairly intricate without being tedious. It didn't get four stars from me because the Duke of Rockliffe was such a GOOD guy. He was almost too good, by the end of the story I felt like Adeline had done him such a disservice by refusing to open up to him. Not only was a genuinely nice guy, but he was forever understanding about all of Adeline's baggage and inability to open up. I got really irritated with her after about the fourth [...]

    18. 'The Mesalliance' is a simply wonderful 'marriage of convenience' story, and follow-up book to 'The Parfit Knight'. Loved Adeline, the heroine with a ready supply of wicked sarcasm, used with finesse to deflect her abusive relatives and protect her heart. The hero, the Duke of Rockcliffe is a n attractive and fascinating character, combining aristocratic arrogance and ingrained cynicism, with a sweet protectiveness and a longing to find genuine love. Enjoyed revisiting the lives of Rosalind, Amb [...]

    19. 3.5 stars. A new author for me. A well-written Georgian-period romance with a hot hero and a cast of interesting and complex characters. I would liked a bit more steam in the romance, but overall a very enjoyable read, and I will read more from this author.

    20. I'll begin by saying this story had the maximum amount of potential. With a character like the Duke of Rockliffe who was so intriguing in "The Parfit Knight (Rockliffe Book 1)," our unusual heroine, Adeline Kendrick, and a writer with the skills of Ms. Riley, I was so looking forward to reading this book.Although the first one-third of the book was superb where we have the suave, handsome, dry wit, Rockliffe, attending a house party with his younger sister, Nell, when lo and behold he meets an a [...]

    21. To me, the epitome of good romance. Totally engrossing. I was tempted to skip work and finish the book. Coming back to reality was rather jarring.

    22. I am torn on what to rate this one. I’ll probably go back and forth for a long time. I’ll get to the reasons later. I was pleasantly surprised by this one. I admit, it took me a bit to get used to the flow, but once I got into it I was totally hooked. On the surface the plot is a pretty traditional for the regency setting (although, it actually takes place way before then, I think its Georgian?), but was carried out in such a way to make it feel fresh and new. I think the majority of the app [...]

    23. Stella Riley has made me a fan of Georgian Historical romance. I “read” this book on digital audio with the seductive baritone voice of Alex Wyndham narrating the story of our favorite duke from THE PARFIT KNIGHT, Tracy Winstanton, The Duke of Rockliffe. This starts as a marriage of convenience, convenient for Adeline since it helps her escape from the home of relatives who take advantage of her and convenient for Tracy since he needs a wife and he is drawn to Adeline.This is a recent releas [...]

    24. Sequel to the fabulous The Parfit Knight This features the Duke of Rockliffe who was a fantastic supporting character in the first book.Rock is looking for a wife and is dragged off the Worst. House Party. Ever. by his younger sister, Nell. Her two BFFs are twin daughters of the host and her biggest wish is for Rock to marry the ravishing, outgoing twin Diana.But Diana is a bitch on steroids. And Rock can't stand her. And the rest of the family are a perfect fright. Except the Cinderella-like po [...]

    25. I simply adored the first book in the series, but alas, this one fell short. Tracy, the Duke of Rockliffe finally meets his mate - albeit in an unorthodox fashion. Having met Adeline Kendrick a few years previously as a beguiling and mysterious woodland sprite before he became a duke, he was pleased to meet her again at a country house party while accompanying his younger sister, who's just coming out. She is the "poor relation" to the family and is treated abominably. He objects and through a s [...]

    26. I can't recommend this highly enough.This is a book I bought in hardback for a ridiculous amount of money, and still bought again on Kindle. It's extraordinarily well-written with what I think of as a proper focus on the H & h - their scenes together are gripping. Lots of humour, and a very touching gradual opening up to each other. There's a heart-rending split between the two before a satisfying h.e.a.But the minor characters aren't ignored, with some delightful little sub-plots deftly ske [...]

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