The Paladin of the Night

The Paladin of the Night

Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman / May 10, 2021

The Paladin of the Night by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman After the overwhelming defeat of their tribes Khardan and Zohra find themselves prisoners of an evil god s disciples and in danger of losing their honor their live

  • Title: The Paladin of the Night
  • Author: Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
  • ISBN: 9780553279023
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Paperback
  • by Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman After the overwhelming defeat of their tribes, Khardan and Zohra find themselves prisoners of an evil god s disciples and in danger of losing their honor, their lives and their souls Second in yet another of Weis and Hickman s epic fantasies.

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      362 Margaret Weis Tracy Hickman
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    1. This book,selon moiis better than the first in the series. The plot--particularly Mathew's role in it-- thickens considerably, and some of the characters introduced in the first book play larger roles. Pukah, Sond and Asrial have their own plot line that involves solving the mystery of the missing immortals.I love how this book (view spoiler)[ and Mathew(hide spoiler)] delves into the dark side. I've always been a fan of characters who are tempted by power and must resist but discover they don't [...]

    2. Me encanta la fantasía, adoro la fantasía épica y soy fan de este libro. Mi película favorita, por daros una referencia, ha sido siempre "La princesa prometida". Y me gustan elfos, enanos, duendes, hadas, kenders, djinns, valerosos guerreros, inútiles paladines y temerosos magos.Y ahora sigo con lo que es el libro.¿Lo mágico del libro?. Su mundo. Ambientado en el desierto. Nómadas, zonas desérticas inmensas, genios, tribus pastoriles. Si tienes imaginación suficiente es hasta cálido. [...]

    3. This is the second book in the Rose of the Prophet series. This continues the journey begun in the first book, and I always find the first 100 pages or so hard because I really want to find out what happened to my favourite characters, and it’s a little while coming!The book is a bit darker than the first, because most of the characters are in a pretty bad place at this point, and the likes of Khardan and Zohra are going through quite the emotional journey as well, getting to understand things [...]

    4. Khardan, Zohra, and Matthew struggle ineffectually against each other and themselves as they are imprisoned under the power of a dark, dead God.In middle-school days, my favorite character was Pukah, the puckish djinn who propels the plot. I've always liked trickster characters. Reading the books now, he's not quite the cunning and charming creature I remember, but he serves an important narrative purpose. Whenever the story threatens to grind down along predictable lines, you can always count o [...]

    5. This is the second book in the "Rose Of the Prophet" trilogy.A step in the right direction with the characters, while the 1st book was a bit slow with all the background story, you know have enough basis to really get into the story. This story flows much better between the mortals and immortals stories, and at the end they come together once again. The war of the Gods is raging and spilling over into the world of mortals, and the dynamics are becoming very interesting.This still isn't the best [...]

    6. This book picks up right where the first left off and continues to build an interesting and suspenseful storyline. The immortals play an even greater role in this one and Mat-hew, Zhora, and Khardan are caught up in the plots of an evil god and find themselves in a position to influence the future of their entire world. The secret of the two magical fish in a ball is uncovered and Quar's minions continue to conquer the world.A highly entertaining read.

    7. I've read this series so many times that I can't really keep the books straight. See my review of The Will of the Wanderer for a general review of the whole series. Love it.

    8. As with the first book, the story and characters are pretty good. The writing style, while slightly better, still drives me nuts. Overall, this drives down the rating of the book. I'd probably give it a 2.5 if that were available.A lot of people rate these higher and I'm sure that's based on the story itself and not at all on the very young adult writing style.

    9. Liked this a lot more when I read it years and years ago. This is not the first re-read, but it's the first in a very long time. Still fun and decent enough for its pulpy fantasy status, but it did not impress me as much as I recalled and there were aspects of the world building which I had thought were present, and it turns out were just not.

    10. This series is a lot of fun! It reads suspiciously like a chronicling of a D&D campaignbut the characters are enjoyable. These books feel shallower than the other Weiss/Hickman stories I've read -- I didn't get much philosophy or ethics out of Rose of the Prophet. But hey, I once heard that fantasy novels are for entertainment; if you want to send a message use Western Union.

    11. Ha estado muy bien pero se me ha hecho más lento que el primero. De todos modos, reflexiones muy buenas y tramas religiosas y políticas increíbles. Pero la lentitud me ha podido.Reseña completa: viajerosdepapel/2

    12. This second book of the series sends the adventure in another direction - something I always enjoy in an adventure/fantasy-story. The characters sometimes suffer from being a little one-dimensional but the story is still entertaining and unpredictable. Definitely looking forward to reading part 3.

    13. I liked this as much as the rest of the trilogy. It was out of print when I got it—so I had to get it used.

    14. Me gustó y muchoPara más detalles, pasaros por mi blog (La Taberna de Los Vientos). Acabamos de abrir. Sois todos bienvenidos. Habra grog gratis durante el periodo de inauguración.

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