Explicit Instruction

Explicit Instruction

Scarlett Finn / May 07, 2021

Explicit Instruction I wouldn t do that if I were you Stranded and searching for a phone Flick inadvertently walks into danger and finds herself living in a nightmare But an unexpected reprieve comes in the form of a st

  • Title: Explicit Instruction
  • Author: Scarlett Finn
  • ISBN: 9781311237217
  • Page: 316
  • Format: ebook
  • I wouldn t do that if I were you Stranded and searching for a phone, Flick inadvertently walks into danger, and finds herself living in a nightmare But an unexpected reprieve comes in the form of a stranger, a looming silhouette terrifying than the evil that captured her From him she learns that danger has an alias, Rushe He is abrupt, crude, domineeringd he I wouldn t do that if I were you Stranded and searching for a phone, Flick inadvertently walks into danger, and finds herself living in a nightmare But an unexpected reprieve comes in the form of a stranger, a looming silhouette terrifying than the evil that captured her From him she learns that danger has an alias, Rushe He is abrupt, crude, domineeringd her only hope for survival.With freedom a distant memory, Flick is reluctantly drawn into the criminal plot As she descends further, her entanglement with Rushe becomes deeper The adventure she started by accident threatens them but Flick knows it s not only her life she is battling for, it s her heart as well.Warning Contains explicit language and imagery.

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        Writing has always been a big part of my life Since I was a child I ve known exactly where my passion lay No matter what s gone on in my life writing has been my touchstone After all, we all need a place to escape to.Reading is my idea of heaven There s nothing I like than to switch everything off, close the bedroom door, and curl up with a good book.I have a feeling that s something all at can identify with Thanks for taking the time with me today Now do something for yourself, go and curl up in your own reading heaven.


    1. Copy received in exchange for an honest review******************★Book Basics★ Genre: - Romantic Suspense/Dark Romance Series: - Book 1 (can be read as a stand alone - No Cliffhanger)Writing - Third person, Single POVMain Characters: Felicity 'Flick' Hughes - Library researcher, cut off from her family and alone in the world. On the way to a Date, her Cab breaks down, and she makes a decision that will change her life.Rushe - Bad guy, foul mouthed, grumpy (I love a grumpy man in a book), he i [...]

    2. This is not your typical romance story. If you are looking for a swoon-worthy protagonist, who makes gentle love to the heroine while whispering sweet nothing in her ear, this may not be the book for you.That being said, this book took my breath away! It is a dark and gritty romance that pushes the limits of what the heroine (and the reader) can take. I applaud Scarlett Finn for not shying away from the darker/dirtier parts of this book and staying true to the characters. Felicity (Flick) has no [...]

    3. This book is hot, dirty, explicit to detail, contains kidnapping, no Stockholm Syndrome but very sexual details'I wouldn't do that if I were you.'This is where the story starts from: Flick is stranded in middle of nowhere as her cab breaks down. She finds herself facing Del's door. She is about to push it open where she hears this caution thrown to her by non other than Rushe.She does not pay attention to his caution and she finds herself entering Del's.From then on its a whirl wind road for her [...]

    4. “There's no happy ever after. I'm not a bad guy with a good heart, this is no fantasy."**5 EXPLICIT STARS**I absolutely loved Explicit Instructions!About the book:(This is not your typical love story.)After a bad day Flick is off to a date, on her way the cab breaks down and she finds herself in an unfamiliar area. She spots a bar nearby, before entering she hears one line that will change her life forever."I wouldn't do that if I were you."Kidnapped and held captive by a group of criminals he [...]

    5. ‘If I tell you everything it could put you at risk. But there are people who will assume you know everything, even if you don’t.’ ‘Like Victor did?’ ‘Yeah,’ he said. ‘I don’t know what to do about you.’ 'Keep me chained to your bed,’ she teased. ‘I considered that. But I like screwing you in the shower.’Took me a while to get into the story , but when I finally did , I enjoyed it ! Flick and Rushe are such a pair . Flick is such a damsel in distress in the beginning of [...]

    6. 3 1/2 starsExplicit Instruction contains a number of aspects and themes that are dark and difficult which could be challenging for those readers who are not accustomed to a rougher romance. I knew beforehand that chances were good it would push a few of my buttons and read a number of reviews prior to embarking upon this particular journey for a buddy read. I learned that some people absolutely loved it and found it both super hot and action-packed, while others struggled with various dynamics a [...]

    7. This is quite certainly a book you wouldn't give to anyone under age. It's rough, the romance is doomed (a librarian and a gangster ?), it deals of women sold for sex, it's completely, utterly steamy-fan-yourself-hot and lock yourself in the freezer and Rushe is the epitome of dirty talkers.To give you a hint :"Your only purpose in life now is to accommodate my cock in your cunt. Morning, noon or night, you're gonna get fucked when I want it. You gonna do as you're told, Kitten ?" He began to sl [...]

    8. 5 Stars!!!!!This book was friggin' AWESOMEsauce plus extra sauce!!! Just what I needed, a little dark, a lot alpha, some suspense and drama plus a h that I didn't want to stab. I put aside reading a new release from one of my favorite all time authors Kristen Ashley because I couldn't put this book down. I swear my KA reading experience was a bit anticlimactic because I couldn't get this book out of my head! I loved everything about this book, sure a few scenarios and situation might have come a [...]

    9. Amazing how one mistake can drastically change your life. Flick annoyed me at times, especially when she kept getting abducted! (there is a reason for the title of this book and she obviously wasn't following it) :DBut I did like her spunk. And Rushe…mm…what more can I say about him and his dirty mouth other than I loved him!The one problem I did have was the dialogue between the “bad guys” and the “good guys” when it came down to the end. Came off a little like a B gangster movie. B [...]

    10. Loved this!! Crazy addictive couple. I can't help but rush into the next book :)) HA! Rush lololol The storytelling in this reminds me of KA. Maybe like KA uncensored lolol. I've missed the more romantic suspense type reads lately, so I'm thrilled to have come across this series. Full review will be done at end of series

    11. 3.5 Stars!It was a little too long for me, but crude, dirty talking, "wants sex all the time"  badass Rushe, made it worth reading.  ; )

    12. On the way to a dinner date one evening, Flick finds herself on the wrong side of town when her cab broke down ignoring a stranger's warning to stay away, she makes her way inside a bar. The next thing she knew, she's flat on her back and about to be gang raped when the very man who warned her to stay away intervenes, much to her surprise.Rushe is crude and dangerous--the kind of man they warn you to stay away from--but he is also diverse and intriguing, and Flick couldn't help but get involved [...]

    13. What hell did I just read?!?!? I freaking loved the book! I finished early this morning and I couldn't put it down. This is not your typical romance book. If your looking for hearts and flowers, this is not the book to read for that kind of romancing. This book was gritty, dark, suspenseful, dirty and hot. You just wanted to continue to read on and on. I loved how the author added humor into the story, when things got dark.I can't wait to read the next book in this series and read more books fro [...]

    14. It was okI was really looking forward to reading this. I don't want to leave a bad review for this book, but I just couldn't give it 5 stars I probably won't read anymore from this series

    15. I knew going into this that it was going to be a dark read, but I had no idea. Some parts were disturbing (intentionally so) but up until now, I had not read a book like it.It all starts with one event that starts a chain reaction of others that you would never expect on even your worst days. Felicity “Flick” Hughes’ cab breaks down on her way to meet a date. Of course, it breaks down in a bad part of town and she forgot to charge her phone. Tired of waiting for the cabbie, who seems irrit [...]

    16. I must admit, and I don't normally like to do this, but I really did not enjoy this read. I felt the main characters Rushe and flick!, were totally unrealistic and so were their actions.Not sure if this was the intention of the writer, but I felt Flick was totally immature in her actions and thoughts. How Rushe kept referring to her as have Stockholme, and still continued in the relationship was farcical . From the outset of Flick entering a bar that she was told not to enter and her actions at [...]

    17. I don't even know where to begin. The brevity of emotions packed into this novel are incredible. I'm absolutely in love with these characters, with this plot, with this love affair! Parts of me feel crazy insane for loving this story as much as I do. Abduction, abuse, attempted rapee on! These are dark and disturbing topics, but I could not get enough of Rushe and Flick and their inexplicable connection in spite of the depravity around them. The last time I had this heavy a book hangover was wel [...]

    18. 5 I loved Rushe stars! This book has everything but an epilogue and I loved it. Flick and Rushe are the most unlikely couple but it totally works. I love a decent romantic suspense, my love for Nora Roberts is no secret, but this story is so much more. if you like dark romance and love characters with more depth than I'm a bad boy so love me you will love this book. now if only I could get an epilogue or a book 2 because I need more.

    19. I loved this book from beginning to end. Rushe was awesome, he is crude, moody and possessive. I loved how we never knew his exact story and why he was involved in the situation Flick found herself in. Flick was naïve which usually annoys me in my books but I loved her. She is compulsive, stubborn and doesn't listen but most of her decisions are based on her feelings for Rushe and she adores him at times to a fault because she doesn't think. Also, can't forget the sex which was HOT and boy do t [...]

    20. This book was good. It has a lot of hot sex but a decent story as well. Definitely not on the believable scale but who reads these that anyway. Book was well written. Have to say I was surprised by the reality of what Rushe really was. I predicted something else. I like the intensity and the final reason explained for consent. No spoiler, you just have to read and find out.

    21. I absolutely fell head over heels for this book! Not your typical lovey-dovey romance novel. There were things in this book that put me way outside my comfort zone; and I loved every juicy second of it. I honestly couldn't put it down, laundry be damned!! Lol. Take a chance. Read it. It's sooooo worth it. Happy reading!!

    22. Ridiculously over the top in every way and on every level, and once again I found myself skipping the sex scenes. But I actually did enjoy Flick's and Rushe's story.It's free on KU.

    23. Originally posted at Smexybookssmexybooks/2015/01/review-Favorite Quote: ‘I wouldn’t do that if I were you.’Felicity ‘Flick’ Hughes should have listened to the voice that repeatedly warned her not to enter the bar. Maybe if she had listened then she wouldn’t be in the nightmare she is in now. But Flick was having a horrible day and her cab breaking down was the last straw. Now she finds herself in every woman’s worst nightmare and her only hope of survival is a man who she scares h [...]

    24. Once you read “Raven” by Scarlett Finn you cannot help but be intrigued about this authors writing style and after having a week from reading hell I really needed something where I could be sure that I would at least be on Board with the writing style.#hence – me digging into older books by this author and I came up with “Explicit Instructions”Again after reading “Raven” (obviously) first – you do notice that the authors writing style developed after writing “Rushe and Flicks [...]

    25. Handle. With. Care.That's what you need to do with this book. 'Cause it's dangerous. Just like Rushe, the dark 'hero' of this book. He's mean, he's nasty and he will push things inside of you right over the edge. This isn't your mama's Alpha. Leave your sexual hang-ups at the door if you are going to proceed with this one.Should you really open that door, though? Even knowing what lurks behind it?After Flick opens a door in a seedy neighborhood, she will never be the same again. I don't think I [...]

    26. This book was HOT!!!! Rushe was HOT! The dirty talk was HOT!!! The whole thing was HOT!!!Just imagine one wrong move can change the course of your life completely? This is what happens to Flick - she walks into the wrong place at the wrong time and her life will never be the same againBeaten, humiliated, threatened with rape and torture amongst other things, this love story is a surprise. Rushe protects Flick by claiming her as his own and in turn loses a part of himself to herI thoroughly enjoy [...]

    27. This was OK. Pretty dark and intense. What happens when Felicity "Flick" (hate the nick name by the way) doesn't listen to a stranger's (Rushe) warning and wonders into a place that will bring extreme danger? That's the premise of the book. I liked Rushe, the bad ass alpha with the filty mouth. He was smart, dangerous and sexy. Flick got on my nerves and had me rolling my eyes a few times because at times, she was just dumb. (view spoiler)[ who has a chance to escape from a bunch of human sex tr [...]

    28. THIS! This i what i have been waiting for! After weeks of being in somewhat of a book funk i am so happy to have read this book since i absolutely loved it! I fell in love with Rushe straight away. I especially fell in love with his dirty talking. As for Flick? Yeah she made me roll my eyes a few times, but it fit perfectly into the story. The banter between these two had me laughing till i got a stomach cramp. The plot was somewhat unrealistic, over the top and ridiculous. Just the way i love i [...]

    29. If you are thinking this will be a hearts and flowers type of love story. Let me tell you right away it is not that. It is raw, real, a bit dark, and completely enthralling. Rushe is not your typical 9 to 5 hero. He has a dark past, a complex story and is tough as nails. Nonetheless, you will fall head over heels for him and root for him to get the girl.Flick, has always known she doesn't belong in her family fold. She is now starting a new life away from them and trying to see what she is missi [...]

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