Harrow County, Vol. 1: Countless Haints

Harrow County, Vol. 1: Countless Haints

Cullen Bunn Tyler Crook / May 12, 2021

Harrow County Vol Countless Haints Emmy always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday she learns that she is connected to these creatures and to the land its

  • Title: Harrow County, Vol. 1: Countless Haints
  • Author: Cullen Bunn Tyler Crook
  • ISBN: 9781616557805
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Emmy always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures and to the land itself in a way she never imagined.A southern gothic fairy tale from the creator of smash hit The Sixth Gun, beautifully and hauntingly realized by B.P.R.D s Tyler Crook CollEmmy always knew that the woods surrounding her home crawled with ghosts and monsters But on the eve of her eighteenth birthday, she learns that she is connected to these creatures and to the land itself in a way she never imagined.A southern gothic fairy tale from the creator of smash hit The Sixth Gun, beautifully and hauntingly realized by B.P.R.D s Tyler Crook Collecting Harrow County 1 4

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        Cullen grew up in rural North Carolina, but now lives in the St Louis area with his wife Cindy and his son Jackson His noir horror comic and first collaboration with Brian Hurtt , The Damned, was published in 2007 by Oni Press The follow up, The Damned Prodigal Sons, was released in 2008 In addition to The Sixth Gun, his current projects include Crooked Hills, a middle reader horror prose series from Evileye Books The Tooth, an original graphic novel from Oni Press and various work for Marvel and DC Somewhere along the way, Cullen founded Undaunted Press and edited the critically acclaimed small press horror magazine, Whispers from the Shattered Forum.All writers must pay their dues, and Cullen has worked various odd jobs, including Alien Autopsy Specialist, Rodeo Clown, Professional Wrestler Manager, and Sasquatch Wrangler And, yes, he has fought for his life against mountain lions and he did perform on stage as the World s Youngest Hypnotist Buy him a drink sometime, and he ll tell you all about it.Visit his website at cullenbunn.


    1. The townspeople get together and decide to take out a witch. She has been healing animals and people and cavorting with some boogers in the woods. Can't have that- so up she goes.That might not be enough though. they burn her too.She gets all pissy about all that and promises to come back to make them all paaaaaaaaaaayyyy.Eighteen years later. Young Emmy is about to turn eighteen, but her papa isn't too worried. Even though she heals that calf that should have died. That lasts about a minute unt [...]

    2. Cullen Bunn's Harrow County is actually more like what I wanted, but quite didn't get, from Scott Snyder's Wytches.You Caint Never Kill Them Spooky Devil Women! You've got a girl on the cusp of womanhood who may be in danger, townspeople harboring a secret past, and a mystery that gets more frightening the closer it gets to being solved.Stir it all up, and you've got a quite a scary mystery!Alright, when I first got this one, I stuffed it on the bottom of my reading pile. Why?Well, initially I h [...]

    3. Welcome to the Witchcraze!Seriously, where do all those comic-book witches come from all of a sudden? Brubaker’s Fatale, Kirkman’s Outcast, Snyder’s Wytches, now Bunn’s Harrow County - is it just that the market demands more horror and can no longer absorb zombies, vampires, and werewolves? Or is there more to the seemingly outdated notion of demonic possession than meets the eye? Is there something about the subgenre that increasingly resonates with us these days?Come to think of it, I [...]

    4. Find all of my reviews at: 52bookminimum/I was already going to half-ass this review, but then I took a gander over at Shelby’s and she flippin’ beat me to the punch on every dang thing I was going to say. Pretty much just read hers because we obviously share the same brain and it was her turn to use it when it came to writing up something about this story.The basics are that back in the day some broad was thought to be a witch so the townsfolks did errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrything in their power ( [...]

    5. Reread 7/10/17 I'm still very much into this beautifully drawn horror comic series about Emmy, a teen who may be a reborn witch, with healing properties. Monsters, ghosts, and a strong attractive female lead, a very engaging cast of characters, great art, great story.Original 3/16/17 review:I liked this a lot. Usually it takes me awhile to warm up to a series, those slow starts, but this has the engine revved right out of the gate. Described as a southern gothic fairy tale, Harrow County: Countl [...]

    6. Thanks to that crazy MahFah Kelly and her better half Mitchell this pregnant chick got just what she needed: a nice new slightly used comic book! Harrow County was gifted to me by the lovely Kelly and I will be paying it forward. Stay tuned for more details!Hester was labeled a witch. The townsfolk decided they needed to destroy her. She was beaten, stabbed, burned and then hung. Now, I don’t work for Manitowoc County but it sounds like Steven Avery might have had something to do with it.Of co [...]

    7. The people of Harrow County burned the witch, Hester Beck, on the hanging tree. Before she died, she told them she’d come back. Years later… Emmy has turned 18 and isn’t sure what she’s going to do with her life. But strange things are happening around her pa’s farm with cattle mysteriously dying. That is, except for the one Emmy laid hands on. To her father’s horror, he realises the witch has returned in the form of his daughter! Writer Cullen Bunn re-teams with his Sixth Gun fill-i [...]

    8. I love this book. Cullen Bunn's southern gothic tale of horror is as scary as any great horror novel and seriously creeps me the fuck out while also making me fall in love with the characters. Tyler Crook's fully painted artwork is beautiful and really is the best work I've seen from him.This volume collects the first four issues (I wish they'd waited a bit longer and collected the first six but I'm not docking it a star for that; it's just too damned good). I recommend it to anybody who is a fa [...]

    9. The townies burn a witch,she vows to return,now you are up to speed Young Emmy is introduced,I think you may be getting the picture. I wasn't crazy about this one,but I am planning on reading the next volume. It better have more of a wow factor.

    10. The first volume of Harrow County was a treat. I admit that it took some time for me to warm up to how the characters were drawn, but after a while and together with the beautiful watercolor backgrounds did I quite start to like how the characters looked.The story was good, Emmy a young girl is turning 18 and suddenly everyone she knows is out to kill her including her father and she don't at first understand why, that is until she learns the truthIt was never really terrifying to read, not to m [...]

    11. I'm happy to report that this was exactly what I was hoping for: dark fantasy with the feel of folklore. This is the sort of story that would have been well at home in Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark, and that's fine company to be in, in my opinion. Yes, the story unfolds a little slowly, and this volume seems to be largely concerned with world building. I do expect that from the first few issues in a brand new IP, after all. And I do find the world building to be largely interesting. The idea [...]

    12. A pretty solid start to a new witch tale. They do seem to be the new zombies in the comic book world. The citizens of Harrow County burn a witch at the stake but not before she utters a curse saying she will be back. Years later, Emmy is about to turn 18. People think she is the witch reincarnated and try to kill her. Turns out she is a witch but she just wants to live her life. From there, we have some twists and turns (one of which I thought was pretty creative.) The book easily could have bee [...]

    13. Poor Emmy. Birthed by a vengeful spirit, tormented by nightmares, hunted for death on her eighteenth birthday, kidnapped by loyal followers, this girl isn't having the life she'd imagined for herself just days ago.But she's got friends - granted, one comes in two pieces - and she's willing to fight her past in order to make her own future so maybe she'll be ok.Maybe.I enjoyed this. It felt like a mix of A Path Begins, story-wise, and Wytches, Vol. 1, in tone. The art doesn't rely solely on darkn [...]

    14. 4.5 Sometimes when there's horror in graphic novels, I find that they can be too wordy and often too confusing when they try to add complicated plot lines or hidden messages. Harrow County did not do this. The art and the dialogue match perfectly, while the storyline was straight to the point and easy to follow. The creativity of this graphic was hard to miss and did not disappoint. I'm wondering if other illustrators will make a cameo in future volumes.

    15. When I saw Harrow County on the comic shelf, I stopped to admire it's rather creepy cover. So I read all the fluff and decided I'd take a chance. Well I am glad I did.Young Emmy lives in Harrow County. Harrow County is a very strange place. Emmy growing up hears a lot of rumors and stories about haints (supernatural things) and witches. It seems that Harrow County has a strange and dark past. That strange and dark past may have come full circle and manifested in the young Emmy. Yet, this knowled [...]

    16. Té collons que porti dues setmanes amb malsons per altres temes menys sobrenaturals i que m'hagi acabat llegint aquest còmic de terror quan em desvetllo per la nit.Fabulós. Adoro les històries clàssiques de bruixeria a l'Amèrica profunda, la del Bible Belt, i aquesta en té de moment tots els ingredients. Ja només el personatge del noi de pell és un encert total.M'agraden molt les il·lustracions de Tyler Crook, i si hi afegim el tractament del color mitjançant aqüarel·les, l'aspecte [...]

    17. Bullet Review:Four stars is probably high, but I wanted to differentiate from my 3-stars. Also I did enjoy this.It's creepy, a little gory. Sure, somewhat standard story with GORGEOUS art, but eh, I was in the mood for it. Though I avoided reading before bed - no nightmares for this girl!

    18. Hace un par de años, leí los primeros dos tomos sueltos de Harrow County y quedé enganchadísima. Incluso los recomendé en un video de mi canal y desde entonces me había propuesto leer el volumen completo pero por alguna razón u otra, simplemente no pasaba.Finalmente lo hice y la verdad es que fue un agasajo. No sé si hayan escuchado el término gótico sureño, que se utiliza para hacer referencia a novelas con elementos góticos que ocurren en el deep south estadounidense, en lugares co [...]

    19. Intriguing graphic novel which draws largely on hill country folklore and witchlore, one of my favorite subjects. Any story that uses the word haints has a good chance of sucking me in. The illustrations are also unique in that they use watercolors.

    20. I like creepy, scary reads and this qualifies. It's the kind of story that I can't describe too well without spoiling future readers. I'll keep things general and say that this is about a girl who is far more special than she could ever imagine, and how she comes to terms with that. This story was made for the graphic novel format. The imagery is very powerful and instills dread and the shudder factor in me. It's beautifully drawn and inked, but icky. It definitely has an American Gothic kind of [...]

    21. Having just read volume 2 I noticed I didn’t review volume 1 and kinda want to so here it is.What’s it about?There’s this witch who was hung in a tree but said she would be back. Years later this girl named Emmy becomes 18 and has some things in common with the dead witch.Why it gets 5 stars:The story is interesting.The characters are well written and worth caring about. I actually have a theory in my head that Emmy is meant to be like Jesus (sorta like how Superman’s meant to be like Mo [...]

    22. This is a Southern gothic tale set in a fictional "Harrow County," someplace vaguely Southern/Appalachian circa early 20th century. I like that era and setting for rural horror tales, so this volume, the first in a series, caught my eye at the comic book store.A teenage girl named Emmy discovers that she's actually the reincarnation of an evil witch that her fellow townspeople, including her own Pa, shot, stabbed, hanged, and burned years ago. When the time comes to "kill the witch" again, Emmy [...]

    23. Do I need to convince anyone at this point that Harrow County is a particularly brilliant new bit of backwoods horror? If you've liked previous stuff from Cullen Bunn, you'll like this. And Tyler Crook does some of the best work of his career. I particularly liked the flaming ghosts. (I always like flaming ghosts.)

    24. Not too sure why I never read this one until now but hot damn I really enjoyed it! It was perfectly creepy and not bogged down with unnecessary gore or anything like I foolishly assumed that it would be. Don't get me wrong - there was still some grotesquely fun artwork, but it fit the story and didn't feel like it was just put there for sheer shock value alone. It served a higher purpose. It served the story.In fact - the art was probably my favorite thing about this book. The watercolors were i [...]

    25. When I come home, I greet my cat by saying "Herro." Because when she wails in the night, as cats seem to do, that's what it sounds like she's saying. Like she's forgotten where she is, who else is around, and she just yells "Herro?" into the darkness.It's now our greeting. I feel like I'm just trying to use words she understands. Meet half way. It also spawned a song called "Herro," which is sung to the tune of Adele's "Hello."It goes like this:Herro. It's me.Sicily [that's the cat's name]That's [...]

    26. New England witchcraft folklore has been trending lately. Not that I'm complaining - I prefer the old school witches to the touchy-feely wiccan kind pop culture has been trying to sell us for the last couple of decades. Harrow County, unfortunately, tries to live on both sides of that fence, and the result is a bit deflating after a promising start.Emmy is a lonely teenage girl living on a farm with her pa, who soon discovers she is the reincarnation of a witch named Hester (yep, Hester) that th [...]

    27. Poor little Emmy, barely 18 years old and already it's decided that her time on this earth is done. She has to pay for the crimes she committed during her past life, her life as Hester Beck the Healing Witch. In contrary to other books in this genre, where often burned witches turned out to be innocent women, Hester Beck really did do a whole lot of shitty things. And while the villagers strung up and burned her (with pain in their hearts, because she also healed their children), she spoke one l [...]

    28. O vrajitoare mai mult alba decat neagra e omorata in mai multe reprize de satenii din Cucuietii Vale. Inainte sa moara, vrajitoarea urla ca se va intoarce si pre multi o sa popeasca.18 ani mai tarziu, o adolescenta incepe sa manifeste oarece puteri albe, motiv pentru ca taica-su si restul satului sa o vaneze prin padure. Evident, stresul trezeste puterile din om, asa ca adolescenta le arata ea lor. Sau nu :)O poveste de groaza oarecum obisnuita, scrisa bine si desenata excelent. Elementele origi [...]

    29. Definitely a horror comic. It feels very Southern Gothic and is full of ickiness and spookiness. There's some nice background here and our central character is interesting, as is her father. But, it doesn't feel like we've gotten to the plot yet, just the setup. So it'll take another volume to see where this is actually going.

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