The Automaton's Wife

The Automaton's Wife

Vered Ehsani / Apr 21, 2021

The Automaton s Wife Beatrice Knight has enough to contend with a zebra is dead on her lawn her horse is possessed and a gentleman has arrived with the temerity to propose to her To top it off her dead husband Gideon ha

  • Title: The Automaton's Wife
  • Author: Vered Ehsani
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Beatrice Knight has enough to contend with a zebra is dead on her lawn, her horse is possessed and a gentleman has arrived with the temerity to propose to her To top it off, her dead husband Gideon has absconded with an automaton, threatening to return for his wife The wife in question however soon has other issues, for a killer has moved into town with a nasty habit ofBeatrice Knight has enough to contend with a zebra is dead on her lawn, her horse is possessed and a gentleman has arrived with the temerity to propose to her To top it off, her dead husband Gideon has absconded with an automaton, threatening to return for his wife The wife in question however soon has other issues, for a killer has moved into town with a nasty habit of carving up the victims As luck should dictate, who should be the next target but Mrs Knight herself Case 2 in Society for Paranormals A series concerning dead husbands, African legends and the search for a perfect spot of tea For those readers who adore Pride Prejudice and would love to experience The Parasol Protectorate set in colonial Africa, you ll LOVE this Historical Women s Fiction.

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    1. I fear that I am in danger of developing a serious crush on Mrs. Beatrice Knight, the fierce and funny heroine of "The Automaton's Wife."A mostly proper Victorian lady (well, she has been known to thump people with her walking stick and she can be a tad sarcastic), she currently resides in the wilds of Africa where she moved with relatives of her late husband when they were forced to leave London due to some financial reversals.Oh, and that dead husband - Gideon - has come along as well.He's a g [...]

    2. In The Automation's Wife, they are still in Kenya and the serpent zebra has died. We suppose he used up the zebra, but wonder where he went. It turn's out he went into Bee's nag, Nelly, who was formerly a lazy, hungry girl with audible problems with her digestion. She is no longer lazy but has a latent ability to fly, which is comical when Bee discovers this. The Automation belong's to Dr. Cricket, and unbeknown to him, his dead wife was the reason the Automation's heart was running. It seems th [...]

    3. A lot of fun!Beatrice Knight is still in Africa, studying the local Paranormal entities. Her cousin Lilly and Aunt, Mrs Steward, are bemoaning the fact that they are far from the social whirl of London now that Lilly is in need of a husband - even though London is stricken with an Influenza epidemic - when they hear that the new Governor is due to arrive, and rumour has it that he has two sons! Surely one of them will be smitten with Lilly.Meanwhile Dr Cricket's Automaton is still missing. Beatr [...]

    4. I loved the first book in this series and I was captivated by the second right away. Beatrice Knight is a force to reckon with, and the characters populating her stories are both delightful and maddening, but always interesting. As for the first book, I truly enjoyed the witty and engaging narrative style, the exotic setting, and the plot that had me devouring pages to get to the end of the story. The Automaton's Wife has dead husbands possessing automatons, malevolent ghosts possessing pretty m [...]

    5. After reading the first book in this series, I went and bought the next one and started reading it immediately, because there were a few tantalizing strings of thought left dangling in the previous book, not too much, it was its own story, but with just enough teasing ideas to make me want to jump to the next story. Bea continues her adventures in Africa with the help and also complications of her friends and family. And there is extra depth to her character in this story as she worries about he [...]

    6. I've received the copy of the book from the author in return for my honest review.I loved the 2nd book of this series just as much as the 1st. The writing style is the same, the humor is there and it's a fairly short book which makes it a quick and enjoyable read.I especially love the possessed zebra from book 1, but Nelly being possessed was even more fun.The end of the book was quite a surprise to me and I can't wait to see what happens next.

    7. Another excellent read! I downloaded the first book, and went right back for the second. I love the growing cast of characters and how they meld into the storyline. Never a dull moment. Beatrice Knight, she is such a relatable personality. There are times when all you really want is that good cup of tea.ually best enjoyed while not battling with the paranormal. I highly recommend this immensely enjoyable series, but clear your schedule, it's addictive reading.

    8. I am enjoying comical and mischievous paranormal stories by Vered Ehsani. Looking forward to the next two in this series. Never having read paranormal books, it is a neat break from some of the more serious books I read for my Book Clubs. Thanks to Ms. Ehsani, who mailed this book to me.

    9. Weird, interesting and funny. Historical mystery with a fantastical twist.The story continues, the plot thickens. Another mystery and crime solved, yet it ends with the promise of more!

    10. This is the second book of the series and is even better than then first. Beatrice learns more about herself and her family while dealing with a demonic spirit. On to the third!!

    11. AN excellent 2nd book. I love her style and wit. Bee is become a firm favourite character of mine. Onto number 3!!

    12. This series is just way too much fun! I loved the first book, but I think this one was even better! Beatrice is such a fun character, you can't help but loving her and her snarky but still just a little bit prim attitude. I liked seeing her relationship with Mr. Timmons grow a bit in this one. It's clear to the reader that there are feelings there, but it seems like Bee started realizing it herself a little bit in this novel. My only real complaint about this novel is that the central "case" got [...]

    13. I do believe I enjoyed this more than the first. I'm not entirely sure if it was because it was a better book or because the addition of a truly wonderful narrator (Alison Larkin) made the audio experience more fulfilling than reading it. I liked book one, but I really liked this one.As before, I found Beatrice witty and self-reliant. I liked the tension between her and My. Timmons, though it's much downplayed here and the mystery held its own. I did think it wrapped up a little too quickly and [...]

    14. I got the book set 1-3 and after a short space began to enjoy the quirky setting and the heroine. What I didnt like was the cliffhanger endings to each book. It seems like a kind of blackmail to get the next one that I dont appreciate. I think a book should be a complete whole and not a monthly serial in a magazine.

    15. A bit creepy, a lot of mystery, and a culmination of personality clashes at the end, resulting in some unexpected surprises! Well worth the read!

    16. Actually, I liked it more than the first book. The mood was already set and the intrigue is nice. I still feel like a couple of things need to be added. Guess I'll have to read the next issue.

    17. The further adventures of Mrs Beatrice Knight, including a possessed horse, a possessed automaton, and a Popobawa who wants to marry her niece. Dark yet wryly amusing. I can't wait for the next adventure!

    18. Paranormal adventure and dry humour in British East Africa circa 1900, September 6, 2016Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: The Automaton's Wife (Society for Paranormals Book 2) (Kindle Edition)With the second volume in this series Ms. Ehsani continues to entertain with well written adventure and dry British humour. The possessed zebra is dead but what happened to the serpent entity which had possessed it? I will not reveal the answer as I don't like spoilers. But to give a fee [...]

    19. It was fun to read this book in the same week as we actually visited an Automata Museum although I am pretty sure none of the creations we saw were possessed by malevolent spirits! Mrs Beatrice Knight is as delightfully self-assured as in Ghosts Of Tsavo and I would love to have a walking stick like hers. At the front of this story is a potential wedding so the silly Steward women are up to their ears in preparations which is great fun, while Mrs Knight has more serious matters to attend to. A m [...]

    20. The plot thickens - becomes even more complex, with a possession resolved, an engagement is announced and a revelation is made, followed by a surprise reunion with a formerly lost individual. The African setting helps smooth over most of the improbabilities - a small European population inevitably throws the leading characters together more often than would n[be likely in London society.

    21. Our heroine continues to battle paranormals, suitors, & her family in Africa. A serial killer spirit attempting to possess the body of someone she loves is the focus of this installment. A surprise visitor at the end and another cliffhanger, although a less pronounced one.

    22. As the story unfolds, so have the colourful characters.Fun, humour, quirkiness, adventure, mystery, romance and plenty of peculiar creatures. Lovely to be on the African continent, a unique flavour.

    23. A very fun little series! Love the main character so much. It's a treat to be in her head as she interacts with the characters and her world. Highly recommended for a fun quick entertains read.

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