Rumors of Glory

Rumors of Glory

Dietmar Wehr JustinAdams / Apr 21, 2021

Rumors of Glory Rumors of Glory is a word introduction to the System States Rebellion series This series is now complete with the publication of the rd book Rumors of Salvation All three books in this series

  • Title: Rumors of Glory
  • Author: Dietmar Wehr JustinAdams
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 237
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Rumors of Glory is a 44,300 word introduction to the System States Rebellion series This series is now complete with the publication of the 3rd book, Rumors of Salvation All three books in this series are now available in a single ebook entitled The System States Rebellion Humanity has colonized over 500 planets under the not always benevolent administration of the FedeRumors of Glory is a 44,300 word introduction to the System States Rebellion series This series is now complete with the publication of the 3rd book, Rumors of Salvation All three books in this series are now available in a single ebook entitled The System States Rebellion Humanity has colonized over 500 planets under the not always benevolent administration of the Federation of Planetary States via the FED Army and Navy Long standing grievances over economic exploitation by Earth based companies has grown into a full scale rebellion and attempted secession by many of the successful colonies The Rebels believe a peaceful separation is possible The FEDs believe an easy and swift military resolution is available Both dreams of glory are shattered by the reality of a civil war that is rapidly escalating in scope and violence You ll see Grand Strategy planned at the highest levels plus the execution of those plans by the men and women who will do the fighting and dying The 2nd book in the series, Rumors of Honor, is now available too Categories space opera,space fleets, space marines, galactic empires, colonization, action and adventure, war

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    1. Competent space opera. The opening round of an extended series (Wehr’s The Synchronicity War Part 1 series ran to four volumes), this tale sets up the future conflict between am Earth-led Federation of planets and a breakaway group of planets, along the lines of America exiting the British Empire in the eighteenth century, all made possible by the discovery of faster-than-light drives late in the 21st century.Wehr is a prolific author, but his writing begs for polishing. After reading the open [...]

    2. Civil war in spaceThis book is just the introductory novel. I did find it a little disjointed and scattered. The characters have almost no development and there are a lot of differ characters. The novel is still well written, and I believe there will be deeper development of the characters in the next novel. Mr. Wehr has credibility as i have read his Synchronicity war series and enjoyed that a lot.

    3. Quick military sci-fi read. Lots of ship vs. ship action; little character development. Fun book for what it is. I'll probably read the next book in the series.

    4. This is my first "Space Opera," book I've read, and hopefully, the rest will be better. There is a good story here, however, the author has neglected to flesh out the characters. They are one dimensional. They have no form. I cannot see inside their heads as to what their motivation is.The author uses the omnipresent, all-seeing voice through most of this Novella. I have to sit back and listen to him tell the tale, rather than listen to the characters relate the tale. I find that boring. I would [...]

    5. I’ve come back to write a review on Rumors of Glory now that I’ve finished the Systems State Rebellion series. The series is a military / political space opera that takes place over a period of 20 odd years and involves three major political entities. The story telling is mainly high level which works well considering the time span of the conflict and the engagements that are covered. There are plenty of battles and conflicts seen from those leading the fight and the author does a good job b [...]

    6. Pretty decent space yarn. A civil war starts between the Federated Planets and a group of planets who want to secede. The space battles are interesting, because they, both sides, have never done skirmishes in space, so they are improvising tactics. There some internecine skirmishes among the various military - Army & Navy. Throw in a little politics, you’ve got drama. This is a pretty decent start of a series of novels. The good thing, it doesn’t end with a cliff-hanger. (That’s a big [...]

    7. Not badIt was a decent book given the difficulties involved in predicting the future of space flight and space battles but I did think some parts were a little stiff.

    8. Humanity has colonized over 500 planets under the not-so benevolent rule of the Federation of Planetary States. An anti-Earth rebellion kicks off, pitting friends against each other. Rumors of Glory by Dietmar Wehr is a novella that the author is using to introduce a series, the System States Rebellion.Starts off a bit slow, and is heavy on technical and tactical details, often at the expense of character development. Great if that’s your thing, but most readers—yours truly included—need t [...]

    9. Good beginningThis is the start of a new series I found. I think it is going to be a great read. So I am going to put it on my list of one's to read next. Great job.It has been brought to my attention that I have worded my review wrong on and it sounds like I have not read this book , sorry for the confusion we all have our days but the book was a good read and a start to a good series.So what I should have said is that I am going to put it on my list of books to get the next one in the series. [...]

    10. The tortures of command.An excellent look at the politics of command. Mr. Wear incorporates the thrills of space combat with the backbiting and convolution of military and civilian battles for power and control, at times at the expense of the mission. His writing highlights the differences between mission oriented and personal power oriented commanders. I highly recommend this book, and series, and am reading the follow-up now.

    11. Great as far as action goes, and very well written, though it seemed like an endless series of meetings at some points, and the characters had little to no development until late in the piece. A lot of people were defined entirely by their jobs. Given these people become more real as the story moves on, and later books in the series should give opportunity to expound further, Judgment should be held to see if deeper personalities are something to unfold throughout the series.

    12. Enjoyed this Space Opera novellaThe author got right into the "Space Opera" of ship-to-ship warfare. I had hoped for a little more action in the fights instead of: missile fired, wait, missile hit, oh, damage. No sense of tension or terror of someone trying to remove your air and/or blow you up. Hope next volumes up the ante. But enjoyed the story and character generation. '

    13. A Great First Installment to a Potentially Great New SeriesWell-written, plausible, fast moving, Dietmar has given us a tantalizing hint of his newest essay into his beloved "Space Opera".I'm looking forward to the next, which ought to be out any day now by his schedule. Hooahh!Thanks, Dietmar, for another great read!

    14. A fun and intelligent space opera romp.It's scope really reminds me of Clancy's Red Storm Rising in space. It's a fun read, lovingly light of space magic. Wehr really understands how psychology plays in a situation like this. No one is perfect and these flawed embers fuel the fires of rebellion and war. I will be reading the next book.

    15. Dietmar Wehr does it again.I discovered Dietmar Wehr about a year ago. I have read many of his books to date. Rumors of Glory surprised me yet again with a great plot,interesting characters and back story in a easy to visualize universe. I can't wait for book two. It is a must read for those" that love space opera.

    16. This was OK was was an easy read without a lot of the pseudo science you find in other military space operas. No detailed descriptions of how faster than light travel works etc. I will read the next book in the series which seems to be much longer. Perhaps some of the details will be fleshed out in the sequel.

    17. Insurrection and rebellion.While this book was a nice read it left a bit to be desired in plot development and action. Novellas, because of their nature can't get heavily into depth and development but this one could have been a bit better with just a little more something

    18. Couldn't do it. I absolutely couldn't stand the writing style. Passive voice everywhere, with an elementary reading level and little-to-no sense in decisions made, plus awful attempts at dialog. Maybe it just wasn't for me.

    19. Long storyThe overall length to build up the story is too much. There seems to be a lot of work at getting the plot out there. The book says that it will be a long war and it seems that way as I can tell. The book has been more about drama and not a lot of action.

    20. I read The Synchronicity War series and became a fan of Mr. Wehr's. Rumors of Glory, on the other hand, seemed drawn out and too slow to really dig into. I found the characters a bit cliche and the story bland.

    21. ExcellentEnjoyed good space opera. Liked seeing both sides. Needs a bit more character development. When reading sometimes not quite sure if reading about the Yankees or the Rebels.

    22. Good space opera. It has some interesting twists, but stays well within the bounds of a good military SF. Good character development and the story moves between people on different sides of the conflict providing a balanced view of both sides.

    23. This was a quick read. It was well written and the action was well paced. The issues I have with it are mostly formatting as it doesn't show a change to a new perspective right away. An extra blank line or perhaps a row of asterisks would have been helpful.

    24. I wish I could give this novel 2.5 stars. It has an interesting premise, but the execution doesn't come through.

    25. Very GoodGood hard military sci finished. Plenty of action and believable characters. A great intro to a high voltage military series.

    26. Afraid I could not get into it. A very technical and heavily strategic novel, with no characters to connect with for a long while

    27. Fast paced start!Very fast paced. Nearly all plot is military, so not a novella that delves into personal lives of the characters. Spans about two years in 100 pages.

    28. NovellaThis book is good as far as it goes. For an introduction it's great but I was hoping I would see more.

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