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Created The third and final book in the Watched series but there s with a breakout series starting with Adrenaline Rush Enjoy A spy school A choice A destiny discovered Young Adults teens and adults will lov

  • Title: Created
  • Author: Cindy M. Hogan
  • ISBN: 9780985131821
  • Page: 268
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third and final book in the Watched series but there s with a breakout series starting with Adrenaline Rush Enjoy.A spy school.A choice.A destiny discovered.Young Adults, teens and adults will love this exciting suspenseful adventure with a dash of romance You won t want to put it down.

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        USA Today Bestselling author, Cindy M Hogan is the author of edge of your seat, young adult suspense novels that always have a dash of romance, because every book should have hot guys and girls in them Her first series, the Watched Series, skyrocketed her to number one bestselling author and she hasn t let up since with over 20 novels to her name.She never sits down to write, instead, she walks and talks into a recorder and lets her computer transcribe her words Editing is her enemy, but she loves the final results, so she ll always dig in.Her one dream is to own and bake in a German style bakery with a cute to go window for Gelato In the meantime, she ll continue to do the thousand other things she loves like teaching, all things outdoors, painting, and gardening she s never met a flower, tree, bush or vegetable she doesn t like except maybe okra and beets As long as she s got a book playing in her ear, she even enjoys weeding She may be deranged.She loves to create, but can t seem to sit still for long, even to read a book Instead, she listens to books so she can read and create at the same time She s a non stop worker and enjoys every minute of it.Her most loved creation is her two amazing daughters and wishes they were teens again She loves to be home, but her husband is a traveler and drags her family around the world, where she finds an endless supply of story ideas, characters, settings, and often than not, walks away with a suntan or ends up in a cool castle She is also inspired by the unpredictable teens she teaches If she is not creating things other than books, you ll find her snuggled up with the love of her life watching a movie or planning their next party.Most of all, she loves to laugh.To stay up to date on all things Cindy M Hogan, join her book group HEREbscribepage sweptawa


    1. Christy now Ari, and her friends have been sent to a top secret spy school in Belgium. She's so glad to be able to be there with Rick and Marybeth, she hopes that she can get a chance to talk with both of them and make sure they are both doing okay with the fact that she isn't dead. She just needs to remember to call them Reese and Melanie. The spy school is pretty cool! There are fancy watches that do everything from GPS functions to monitoring your blood and telling you what you should eat to [...]

    2. These books just keep impressing me with more and more excitement! I'm so sad the the series has came to an end. In this book there are so many things that amaze you and you just want to keep reading.But there are some reasons I didn't give this book 5 stars one of the few reasons is because the writer of the book is a Mormon and don't get me wrong I have absolutely nothing against that religion and it didn't matter to me that she is a Mormon but it did infiltrate the book. In some scenarios she [...]

    3. What my stars mean:5 Stars--the book had a profound impact on me. It touched me on some special level and lingered with me long after I'd finished reading it.4 Stars--I loved this book. If I don't own it, I will buy it so I can read it again and again.3 Stars--I enjoyed the book but may have had an issue or two with it.2 Stars--I had more than a few issues with it.1 Stars--I hated itOK DESCRIPTIONAri and her friends find themselves in an independent spy school in Belgium, Bresen Academy. Test sc [...]

    4. Created is the third book in the Watched Series. I have to say that this book has become my favorite. I not only liked all of the action, but I felt that Christy/Ari had become her own person, not always being led around solely by authority figures. Christy/Ari has really grown from the shy teenager that we met in the first book Watched. This book is centered around a spy school, secreted away in Belgium, that Ari and her friends are attending. They gain new skills to help them learn to protect [...]

    5. I'm so sad to see this series come to an end. Although I saw that the author is writing a new series that includes Christy in it. I could read five more of these books about the undercover missions she goes on, thoroughly entertaining. I loved each of these books in their own way, each book is SO different from each other. This book had some surprises towards the end that totally caught me off guard, love that! I loved loved the ending of this book. I thought the author did a perfect job at givi [...]

    6. Created was definitely a banger! I loved the book from beginning to end!!Ari is now at a school to become a spy. The school facilitators quickly learn that she is one of the best, and they send her out on missions almost immediately. Ari is excited to embark on this new journey and she really starts to learn how strengths and weaknesses. After Ari goes through numerous amounts of training, learning modules, etc. Mrs. Mackley the head administrator finally believes that Ari is ready to complete h [...]

    7. Altogether this was a fantastic series. The third book rounded things out nicely. I really love the school Christy attended and the stuff she learned along the way. All the different tests were pretty cool and I really like the way she was so creative in how she handled them. Once again, I say that Christy is a really cool, likeable character.The climax was great, fast paced and intense. I love those moments in a book where it is simply impossible to put down. The ending of Created is just like [...]

    8. True confession, didn't actually make it all the way through, though this was probably the coolest of the series--her mission actually seems pretty awesome, with plenty of opportunities for her to explore her evolving beliefs--wait, that would involve her having beliefs and doing something other than worry about people liking her. Also, really? Give 17 year olds the chance to go dark? Bad idea, because, here's the thing, a 17 year old would be stupid enough to enter a covert program and become a [...]

    9. Christy has come a long way since her Washington DC trip. She is now a spy and going on missions. I loved Christy and all the characters in this series.

    10. Created by: Cindy M. Hogan Year:2012 # of Pages:336Created is a great book for people of all ages. It is a mix of romance, drama, action, and thrill. Cristy is the main character of this story, but she has a cover name and is known to the world as Ari. Some other characters are Reese, Melonie, and Sopia. The main problem in this story is trying to discover who you really are and how you want to live your life. I really like how this story is based on how it is to be a spy. Even more than that th [...]

    11. CreatedCindy M. HoganRead 09/26/20163 StarsThe third and final novel in the watched series. Christy is off again with her new identity as Ari. This time around she is sent to a spy school in Europe where due to her photographic memory and superior intellect shes already on the same level as the oldest students. This one went in a totally different direction than I could have guessed. The believability factor falls further on the spectrum. Would the government really send a bunch of kids in witne [...]

    12. Created by Cindy Hogan is an adventurous YA novel that is well written, fast paced, and consistent throughout. The story focuses on 17-year-old Christy, who despite being in the FBI's witness protection program was tracked down and almost killed, so the FBI relocates her to Belgium. The majority of the story takes place here, inside a private spy school where most of its students started attending since they were 5 years old. Because of her brilliance and innate ability to know the right way to [...]

    13. When Christy and her friends are sent to a special spy school in Europe to avoid being killed by the terrorists who have been searching for them, they were told they could return when the terrorist threat was ended. But after the three weeks that took, most of the students opted to stay behind and join the spy world. They were enrolled in classes at the spy school. only Christy was too advanced for the school. Within two weeks she was assigned a handler and trained for a mission requiring a high [...]

    14. I loved the book created by Cindi Hogan, it was an awesome book! It nearly always keeping me in suspense. One thing I did not like quite as much as that was the constant problems and complications. I guess that's a part of the whole suspense thing but still I like a humor break every once and a while.Like I said, I really liked the suspense I was always on the edge of my seat wanting to never have to stop reading. This is one of those books that keeps you up reading until four in the morning for [...]

    15. I really, really enjoyed this series, and felt like each book got better. The first book (Watched) annoyed me a bit, because it seemed like the author was creating a character for young Mormon girls to identify with, then advocating the idea that the prophet and parents are out-dated, and their advice is open to take it or leave it. That bothered me. I don't care if she is the ideal example of a teenage girl - in fact, it's good for her to be more real and believable. I just really didn't like f [...]

    16. What?! It says this is the third and final book of the series, but I didn't really feel like it was all wrapped up. I felt like things were left open for another installment. I guess it could end on this note, butwell, no, it can't!!This series has been interesting. Each book takes a different spin on things. In book 1, Christy witnesses a horrific crime and she and her friends spend time running and being stalked and trying to figure things out. Book 2 takes us to life in the witness protection [...]

    17. Created, the final book in the Watched Series, certainly held true to the series. All I can say is wow! The MC has gone from being straight laced Christy, to cheerleading Michelle, to grunge chick Ari. In this final installment Ari is attending spy school as the terrorists are being rounded up once again. She finds that she has quite an aptitude for spy stuff and once all the bad guys are arrested or dead, Ari is faced with a huge decision. Does she return home and be Christy or continue her tra [...]

    18. I don’t think I have ever read a book as fast I read CREATED, the final book in the Watched series. It was both enthralling and thought provoking. I am so glad to hear that author Cindy M. Hogan has even more books featuring this amazing heroine. It reminds me so much of the hit TV series Alias, which gave Jennifer Gardner her fame in Hollywood, and fans of that show will want to read these books!I don’t want to say too much about the book because I don’t want to spoil anything for you. So [...]

    19. Christy (or Ari, as she is now), ends up at a spy academy in Belgium with the rest of her DC crew. As she tries to rekindle her relationship with Rick and also deepen her friendship with Marybeth, she learns that she is extremely advanced and is picked to be some sort of super spy. As she faces the tough decisions, learns as much as she can in a very condensed period of time, and also risks her life many times, Christy comes to terms with how her life has turned out and where it's going.The cont [...]

    20. Teenage spies? Sounds great already! I didn't read the first two, so I missed a few things but read the first chapter of Watched on Cindy's blog. That helped, but not a requirement to enjoy this one. Hogan does a good job filling in what reminders or backstory a reader needs without spoiling the other books. Hogan gives enough details about the spy lessons and equipment for plausibility but left me hoping for more details in a couple places. That's just the adult in me. YA will love it. There's [...]

    21. SPOILER ALERTGenre- young adultCreated-By: Cindy M HoganProtagonist: Christy is a teenage girl who hasn't found her true self or identity yet. She is trapped between two guys and can't choose. She is placed in the witness protection program and becomes one of their top spy's. Her goal is to find out who she truly is. Review-In my opinion created was one of the most descent books out of the three books in the watched series. But I would not recommend it to anyone and here's why. First of all, it [...]

    22. ‘Created” is the third book in the “Watched” series. I enjoyed the first book so much I knew I would have to keep reading to find out where things went.Christy, witness to a murder, has had her life turned completely upside down. With no choice but to enter the witness protection program, Christy must learn a new way of life, and the skills to survive. From brainiac to Cheerleader to biker chic. But mistakes are made, and she ends up in danger, again. Through the series though, her chara [...]

    23. What a great spy story! Ari/ Christy once again was an excellent character! I loved the way the author showed us Ari's feelings, and how she really tries to be the good girl in the spy world she is in (Also, really liked the way she is coming to understand her real family, and that they do care for her. And, realizing she should try to remember "Christy"). Loved the sweet romance between Ari/ Christy and Rick/ Reese. Also, what a twist! (Somehow, I also had a funny feeling about those characters [...]

    24. It's spy kids! And spy vs. spy. Christy, now under the alias Ari, and the other kids who were involved in the DC episode are all sent to a spy school for kids in Europe while the FBI finishes routing out the terrorists. With her photographic memory and amazing spy skills, Christy/Ari is able to read through all of the years of spy school lessons in about a week, ace her spy missions and beat bad guys. She meets up with Rick again, having realized that Adam is just bad news and Rick still loves h [...]

    25. I don't know why I insist on reading this series-it obviously has good parts that keep me interested, but every time I finish one of these books I keep thinking it's too bad the author didn't have a better editor. The main character is perfect at being a spy, she's a "natural"-yikes, maybe some character development would help make that more believable. And in this book there were two different scenes that were stolen ideas from Ally Carter's Galagar Girl books. All that said, I can see why youn [...]

    26. Created by Cindy Hogan is the perfect book for teens. It’s a quick read with a swift flow. Most importantly, it’s got a fascinating main character who leads an adventuresome life, one that any teen would give her eyeteeth to try because Ari is a spy in training who excels all others. However, by novels end, she’s gotten the guy, learned about love and friendship, and successfully finished her assigned mission as a true spy. For danger, excitement, and a bite into a world most kids will nev [...]

    27. I love the idea of a teenager thrust into the spy world and embracing it. It was refreshing to have her hold her ground in relation to the values she holds. I enjoyed the author sharing her thoughts about her hard decisions and how sometimes life just isn't fair. Being able to embrace who she has become and to learn to accept her circumstances life has given her is applicable to so many things.I also enjoy the budding romance.

    28. The first one, Watched, was good. There was a lot of teen drama, which was okay. But the actual story line was interesting, which made me read the second one. I liked the second book more than the first because the girl really finds herself and sees what she is capable of. But the third book was my favorite. The author does a great job in keeping the reader interested in the story. She really finishes the trilogy well.

    29. I'm really loving this series. This is the third book and it was full of action and intrigue. Ari is now at a spy school, training and learning. Her amazing gifts allow her to be the best kind of spy. I loved the full on way this story hits you. It just never lets up. I was invested from beginning to end, loving every minute. I can't wait to see how this story wraps up for Ari.Content: Clean! Yipee!

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